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"Making Your Publishing Experience A Pleasure"

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Why Sztrecska Publishing?

  • Professionals Who Understand the Publishing and Printing Processes. 

We have more than 20 years of experience in graphic design, illustration, and desktop publishing.

  • Professionals That Handle Print Projects.

 We desktop publish quarterly and annual journals, books, newsletters, conference programs, and marketing collateral for various universities, not-for-profit organizations, institutions, and small businesses.

  • Schedules and Deadlines Met.

 We assist in developing a schedule suited for your needs. We meet or exceed deadlines—please check out what OUR CLIENTS say.

  • Excellent Communication Between You and Others Involved in the Production Steps of Your Project.

 Speak directly to the person who is working on your project, or email us at anytime.
  • Creative Designs to Help Your Printed Material to Be Interesting, Yet Equally Functional and Educational. Because our experience has focused on technical journals and books, we understand that a publication must have a consistent and professional look, adhere to an organization’s philosophy, have design elements that meet your standards and appeal to your audience. 
  • Special Requests. Your special requests are met with a “ NO HASSLE GUARANTEE . We consider it our responsibility to help you handle your project in the most efficient, low-cost way available. Your project is a priority to our company!